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The New Department Of Labor’s 401(k) Regulations are here!
How secure is your business as a Plan Sponsor or Fiduciary?

Price Transparency
Regulations and
Pack Mentality!

Price Transparency is here, is your business ready?

How are you prepared for this impact? How is your
TPA/Recordkeeper prepared for this impact?
More importantly how are your clients prepared?


Along with our expertise on personal financial planning, our firm also commits to equally servicing the needs of All Retirement Plan Participants and Retirees in terms of plan design, coordinated investment strategies based on personal risk tolerance, true net cost for services rendered as a key determinant of ultimate performance and product selection, monitoring and replacement. We value each account regardless of size or proximity to retirement and will work to deliver net performance by delivering control over both the service and investment components of your retirement plan. This is after all your Plan not an insurance company or mutual fund plan; and it deserves the credo - "Large Plan Benefits for the Small Plan Market!"

Our goal is to support the management team either in fulfilling their duties as ERISA Fiduciaries or in outsourcing most of those responsibilities to trained trust and advisory resources. In this endeavor, we provide unbiased investment option selection, monitoring and replacement services, supplemented with a conscious effort to reduce product net cost by minimizing revenue sharing expense and purchasing services direct where possible.

Ultimate retirement account balances in a marginal market and economy are directly related to net costs. A 1% reduction in fees results in a 15% increase in participant account balances.


Today's small businessman balances daily the responsibilities of running his business and/or running the employee benefit programs that directly impact hiring, firing and retention of key employees that add so much value to the business and the working atmosphere of that business.

An adviser is often met with the discouraging comment: "I'm primarily focused on running my business and have no time for changes in the employee benefit package by priority." The frustrating part is that in downsizing or outsourcing of jobs in small business brought on by the Affordable Care Act opens the door for an adviser consultant that has the knowledge to assist in options such as PEOs, H&W experts, MEPs that take on ERISA and investment liabilities and CPA, who are both knowledgeable in tax preparation and in enhancing your bottom-line.

An adviser need not just be trying to sell something, but a business partner that can work with you to out-source low-priorities and enable you to focus on making a weekly payroll or a professional backed by a network of regional CPAs, payroll services, bank trust companies and H&W experts will make your small business much easier to navigate in a sea of regulations and personal liability, that directly impact your equity value and responsibility to family and key employees.


In looking at the retirement crystal ball, information access for employers and plan participants has to be simplified and more user-friendly. Our firm feels that consolidating data (for example payroll and 401k) on a single website will become an industry standard over the next five years; and having knowledge about this issue enhances our value proposition to the retirement market.

Enhanced Payroll 180 Platform - means that employee/Participant data is consolidated every pay period on a single spreadsheet for submission, both to the payroll company and to the 401k recordkeeper, thereby reducing both time and data flow every payperiod.

Enhanced Payroll 360 Platform - means that at the close of every business day, the 401k recordkeeper pushes data back to the payroll provider website, where employee/Participants can access both payroll and 401k data, thereby reducing information platforms down to a single medium.

If you would like more information about this unique approach, click here.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • We see an opportunity with MEPs to minimize oversight and fiduciary risks, and to maximize leverage and economies of scale for many of the small to medium-sized plans we work with.
    Gerald Wernette, Director of Consulting Services for Rehmann

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