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On July 1, 2012 the Feds are implementing a new program that requires complete disclosure of the cost for running your 401k plan. Over the years it has become normal for companies to past most of the costs onto the Plan Participants, the large majority of which think that the plan is free. Our firm's MEP believes in full price transparency and low net cost, both in terms of services and investment products and is fully prepared to meet all the regulatory requirements imposed by the Feds.

Prior to this legislation the industy standard was to minimize billable expenses charged directly to the Plan or Plan Sponsor and to bury additional revenue in the investment products, which included traditional revenue sharing, asset managment fees, Sub-Transfer Agency Fees and separate account expense loading costs, which heretofore went unnoticed by 70% of Plan Participants according to the attached AARP Study. The irony of this approach, which seems to have become industry standard, was that like taxes, the large majority of the cost for running the Plan fell on the large accountbalance holders, who most often were the key employees of the firm.

Part of the support rendered by our retirement experts is in providing you with a free fee analysis similar to the attached, where you can consider the aggregate true cost of the current Plan, so as to be best positioned for questioning by Plan Participants when they receive their quarterly 401k statement fully price transparent.

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